JDM Auto HVAC Control
Wiring Adapter
 for Subaru Legacy/Outback

For 2005–2009 Legacy and Outback

ae64.com Subaru JDM i88 adapter harness

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  • Install the JDM "A/V Panel Set" in 2005–2009 North American Legacy / Outback models without cutting or splicing your car's factory wires.

In most Legacy/Outback models with automatic climate controls, those controls are integrated with the factory radio.  Removing the radio means you lose your factory HVAC controls.  The JDM "A/V Panel Set" provides a replacement HVAC control panel, along with a mounting kit to install an aftermarket double-DIN radio.

However, the JDM HVAC panel requires three signals that are not present on the factory "i88" harness in US and Canadian Legacy/Outback models:

  • +12V Accessory
  • Illumination(+)
  • Dimmer (Illumination–)

My i88 adapter provides a plug-and-play solution to send those signals to the JDM panel without needing to modify your factory harness.

For more information, see my "Parts Needed" guide, and this thread on the LegacyGT.com forums.

Note: In Legacy/Liberty/Outback models outside North America, the factory "i88" harness usually already has all the required signals, and my i88 adapter is typically not needed.  If your car was not originally built for and sold in the USA or Canada, please e-mail me before ordering.

If your car has the factory Navigation system and you would like the ability to retain the audio prompts, e-mail me to learn more about additional wires you may want to include on the i88 adapter.

Price: $20 each, plus shipping

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You will also need a 14-pin "forward" harness to install a new head unit.  Mine is the only one that includes the Orange/White Dimmer or Illumination(–) wire (at pin #7).  The JDM panel requires this wire for its illumination to work.  Special price $7.00 for the 14-pin harness when ordered with this JDM i88 adapter.

If you already have a 14-pin Subaru harness (Metra 70-8901, Scosche SU03B, or similar), you will find that it lacks the pin #7 wire.  I can supply the missing wire with the proper terminal you can easily snap into the vacant slot on a Metra or Scosche harness for $2.  Limit one per i88 harness.

Does your car have steering wheel audio controls (SWCs), aux input, or OEM subwoofer speaker in the rear cargo area (in wagon models)?  Then you will probably also want another adapter to connect to your factory "i85" harness to retain those features.  See the "Parts Needed" guide for details.