Installation Instructions to Add
Rear Camera RCA Jack
to Factory 16-pin Harness Plug

Camera Input Information

If you haven't already, see important information about the head unit's camera input on this page, especially the section "Test your camera before installing!"

These instructions detail how to add my custom RCA cable to the vacant camera pins on the factory 16-pin harness.

I also offer "plug-and-play" 16-pin camera harnesses.

Head Unit's 16-pin camera socket

This drawing is oriented looking at the 16-pin socket on the rear of the HU, or the rear (wires side) of the car's factory 16-pin harness plug:

Subaru Toyota HU 16-pin camera pin-out diagram

The pin numbers run:

--top (w/thumb latch)--
 8  7  6  5  4  3  2  1
16 15 14 13 12 11 10  9
bottom (side with pin retention latch)

Pin-out of HU's 16-pin rear camera socket:

Pin Label Description
6 PKB Parking brake input
7 CA+ +6V supply (output to camera)
8 V+ Camera Video Signal Input (+)
15 CGND HU grounds this internally
16 V– Camera Video ground/shield

The HU connects the CGND pin to ground internally.  You do not need to connect anything to this pin for the rear camera feature to work.  You can use it to provide ground (along with the +6V pin) to a camera that has its power and ground leads at the HU end of its long cable.  You may also use the 6V and CGND pins for a relay (details about that later).

Picture of rear of Impreza's factory 16-pin harness:

Rear of 16-pin plug with pin numbers
(click to see larger image)

The GRAY wire is the parking brake signal (color is VIOLET/RED in Foresters, RED in some Toyotas).

Impreza/WRX/STI models have an extra wire looped between pins 4 and 5 (YELLOW wires in picture) which Forester, BRZ, FR-S, and GT86 do not have.  I don't currently know the purpose of that wire.

Add Wires to Factory Harness Plug

See this guide for instructions on how to open a retaining latch on the bottom of the factory 16-pin plug (section "Open retention latch"), and how to insert a new wire ("Inserting a wire").

Insert my YELLOW camera RCA cable as follows:

Pin Description Wire Color
8 RCA jack center lead YELLOW
16 RCA jack ground/shield BLACK

If you also ordered wires for the +6V and CGND pins, insert those in pins 7 and 15, respectively.

Double-check the pin position before inserting!  Although it's possible to extract a pin, it can be difficult.  It's much better to get it right the first time!

When all of the new pins are fully seated, you'll be able to close the retention latch on the bottom.

Once you have completed the additions to your factory 16-pin harness plug, see this page for additional instructions and tips.

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