Subaru / Scion / Toyota
16-pin Rear Camera Harness

Add a rear view camera to your factory head unit!

Subaru 16-pin rear camera harness
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  • Add an aftermarket rear view camera to certain OEM head units

  • Add an OEM camera on cars that are not already pre-wired (additional wiring usually required; see notes, below)

Many 2012-up Subaru and Toyota factory head units with built-in navigation or video screen have a 16-pin socket for a rear camera.  Most are already wired to the reverse gear signal, and will begin automatically displaying the camera image after you add this harness and connect a camera.

Compatible OEM head unit models include:

Subaru Fujitsu Ten OEM head unit Scion FR-S BeSpoke head unit GT86 OEM Panasonic TAS300 head unit
Subaru OEM Fujitsu Ten navigation
2012-2014 Impreza, Crosstrek;
2012-2015 WRX, STi, Forester;
2013-2015 BRZ;
2012-? Toyota GT86
Scion BeSpoke and similar OEM Pioneer HUs
2012-2016 FR-S
Toyota OEM Panasonic TAS300 "Touch"
2012-? GT86

If you haven't already, please see this page with information about the OEM head unit's rear camera function on HUs with the 16-pin socket: Toyota/Subaru rear camera operation.

Unsure whether your OEM HU is compatible?  Contact me via e-mail and tell me your car's year and model, and your HU's model number (find the model number printed on the front).  If it's one I'm not familiar with, I may ask you to send pictures (but often I've been able to find them on the 'net by searching for the model number).

In many other Subaru models/years (including those with OEM Kenwood navigation) the OEM HU has an 8-pin socket for the camera input.  See this 8-pin camera harness.

Do you have a car with an OEM camera and whose OEM HU has the 16-pin or 8-pin camera socket, and you're planning to switch to an aftermarket HU?  Ask me about my rear camera retention harnesses.

You do not need any of these harnesses to add an aftermarket camera to an aftermarket HU.

Reverse Gear signal

If your car is a BRZ that was originally sold outside of North America, or a Toyota model, you must check whether your HU has the car's reverse gear signal connected and functional.  See my 'rear camera operation' page for details.

If your HU lacks the reverse gear signal, I can probably supply a wire with the proper OEM-style (Japanese) terminal which you can easily add to your car's 28-pin harness.  Price is an additional $2 or $4, limit one wire per 16-pin camera harness.  E-mail me for details, and tell me your car's year/model and the model number on the front of your OEM HU.

16-pin camera harness options:

All versions of my 16-pin camera harness now include the 6V and CGND leads, which are approximately 7.5" (190 mm) long.  Use those to provide the power and ground to your camera or a relay.

For the HU's parking brake input, I'm offering the following options:

A. "Bypass" version (pictured at the top of this page).  Harness simply grounds the HU's parking brake input.  Most people choose this configuration.  Price $24. Subaru 16-pin rear camera harness with parking brake pass-thru
B. "Pass-thru" version.  This configuration has an additional 16-pin socket, to connect to your car's factory 16-pin harness and pass through the car's parking brake signal to the HU.  Price $33. Subaru 16-pin rear camera harness with parking brake pass-thru
C. "No parking brake".  Only for some models that do not have a factory 16-pin harness (in other words, when the OEM HU does not have or need the parking brake signal connected).  Price $23. Subaru 16-pin rear camera harness with parking brake pass-thru

See my 'rear camera operation' page for more information and why you probably should choose the less-expensive "bypass" version.

Impreza "Mystery Loop" Wire

Some Subaru Impreza, WRX, and STi models have a wire looped between pins 4 and 5 on the factory 16-pin harness.  Since I don't know what purpose that wire serves, I must include a similar wire on my camera harness if you have one of those models.  Add $1 to the "bypass" version, or $2 to the "pass-thru" version.

Subaru 16-pin rear camera harness with parking brake pass-thru Subaru 16-pin rear camera harness with parking brake pass-thru
Bypass version with Impreza Loop
Price $25.
Pass-thru version with Impreza Loop
Price $35.

Extra Wires/Terminals

I'm not aware of any Subaru or Toyota models using any pins on the 16-pin camera harness other than those that I include on my harness (documented on the 'rear camera operation' page).  If your car has a factory 16-pin camera harness with wires on other pins, let me know so we can determine the purpose of the wires (and I would greatly appreciate pictures).

Otherwise, as a rule I do not supply loose terminals or extra wires with terminals, since they are somewhat difficult to obtain and not inexpensive.  On top of that, each different type of terminal requires a unique and very expensive tool to crimp properly.  A generic crimper that you can buy at a hardware or auto parts store won't work.  If the crimp is not shaped exactly right, the terminal won't lock into the plastic housing and may prevent you from closing the retention latch (which in turn will prevent you from plugging the plug into the HU's socket).

Option Connector Harness

For BRZ, FR-S, and GT86 models: This 6-pin harness connects to the car's "Option Connector" and has leads for +12V Battery, +12V Accessory, and ground.  If your camera requires more than 6V, use this harness to avoid needing to splice into a factory wire for power.  Can also be used to power a Dash Camera or other accessories.  Price $4.

GT86/BRZ/FR-S Option Connector GT86/BRZ/FR-S Option Connector Harness
Location of Option Connector
in LHD cars
(RHD cars are mirrored) Option Connector Harness
Price $4
(add $1 to add 2 CAN Bus wires)

Installation Instructions

For various Subarus and some Toyotas with OEM Fujitsu Ten navigation or Panasonic TAS300: link

For Scion FR-S and other models that do not have the reverse gear signal connected to the HU: link

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