Installation Instructions
16-pin Camera Harness
for Scion FR-S
(and other models which lack reverse gear signal on HU)

Camera Input Information

If you haven't already, see important information about the head unit's camera input on this page, especially the section "Test your camera before installing!"

These instructions are for my "plug-and-play" 16-pin camera harnesses.

Install Reverse Gear Wire

Along with your 16-pin harness, I included a loose wire for the reverse gear signal.  The terminal on this wire fits your factory 28-pin harness.  Do not try to install it in my 16-pin plug that uses different terminals.

This picture shows the 28-pin socket on the rear of the HU, annotated with the pin numbers and functions:

Toyota Scion HU 28-pin socket and pin-out
(click to see larger image)

That is the same orientation and pin numbering when viewing the rear (wires side) of the car's factory 28-pin harness plug.

You'll be inserting the new wire into pin 2, on the top row.  For reference, the factory Vehicle Speed Signal (VSS) wire is PINK/GREEN, at pin 17 on the bottom row.

Scion FR-S 28-pin harness
(click to see larger images)
Scion FR-S 28-pin harness plug top & bottom

See this guide for instructions on how to open a retention latch on the bottom of the factory 28-pin plug (section "Open retention latch"), and how to insert the new wire ("Inserting a wire").

Connect wire to your car's reverse gear signal (extend length to about 4 feet / 120 cm, if necessary).  A factory wire with the reverse gear signal is on a harness junction in the driver's footwell).  The factory wire color is PINK on the side of the plug nearer to the driver's seat.  The color changes to ORANGE/WHITE on the opposite side of that connector block (closer to the firewall), and is easier to tap on that side.  See the description and link to forum thread here, and picture here.

Camera Power Wire

The 6 Volt camera power lead on my harness is RED/WHITE (mostly RED with a WHITE stripe).  This lead provides a 6 Volt power supply to the camera.  On older versions of my harnesses, the stripe is YELLOW and I may have also labeled the wire "6V to CAM".

If your camera will work from 6 Volts, connect the camera's positive power wire to my 6V lead.

For a camera that requires more than 6V, you can use the 6V lead to control a small relay.  See more information and diagram on my Camera Input Information page.  Or if you don't want to bother with a relay, insulate the end of my 6V lead.  In both cases, you would have to use your car's 12V Accessory power for the camera's power.

Connect the camera's ground lead to chassis ground (e.g., to a screw or bolt located on a good, clean, bare metal contact point nearby).  If the camera's ground lead is at the HU end of its cable, you may connect the camera's ground lead to the CGND lead (BLACK) on my 16-pin harness.

Install Camera Harness

Plug my 16-pin harness into your factory head unit's 16-pin rear camera socket.

Test the rear camera function before you reinstall the HU and reassemble your dash.  Tip: You must turn your ignition key to the "ON" position for the reverse lights circuit to work.  You do not need to crank the engine, though.

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