Radio Wiring Adapter (Harness)
for Subaru and Nissan cars

Fits many:
2008-2015 Subarus
2007-2016 Nissans
(see details below)

Allows you to install a new, after-market radio in your car
without cutting or splicing any factory wires!

Picture of Subaru 20-pin radio installation adapter harness
(Click to see larger image)


  • Install an after-market head unit in many recent Subaru and Nissan models (see list below).

  • Includes the wires to retain use of your car's audio Steering Wheel Controls (most aftermarket head units will also require a steering wheel interface module)

None of the other after-market harness manufacturers include the wires for the Audio Steering Wheel Controls (SWCs).  Some have even omitted the ground, power antenna, and illumination wires.  My harness avoids needing to hack into factory wires (the reason you use this kind of harness in the first place).

What other harnesses and adapters do you need?
Want to retain your factory aux and/or USB sockets?

See this page: 'Parts Needed' guides for car stereo installations in many Subaru and Toyota models

Fits all Subaru and Nissan models that can use Metra 70-7552 and 71-7552, Scosche NN04B and NN04RB, American International NWH-704, Aerpro APP091, etc., including:

  • 2008-2015 WRX / STi (non navigation)
  • 2008-2014 Impreza / OBS (non navigation)
  • 2013-2014 Crosstrek (non navigation)
  • 2009-2015 Forester (non navigation)
  • 2010-2014 Legacy / Liberty / Outback (some; e-mail for details)
  • Many 2007-2016 Nissan

WRX, STi, Forester, Legacy, and Outback models with OEM harman/kardon speaker & amplifier system ask me about this version that connects to your new HU's line-level main speaker output RCA jacks:

Picture of Subaru 20-pin radio installation adapter harness with RCA plugs

(like Metra 70-7553 and Scosche NN05B, except includes 3 SWC wires)

Note: If you want to keep your factory head unit and add a subwoofer, speaker amplifier, Line Output Converter (LOC), audio processor, gauges, phone car kit any application where you need to tap off or connect between wires on the radio harness see this combined 20-pin forward/reverse harness.  You do not need the combined harness when switching to an aftermarket HU.

For older model years and 20082012 Imprezas and Foresters with OEM Kenwood or TomTom navigation, please see this 14-pin wiring adapter.  Also ask me about my 24-pin secondary harness to retain your SWCs, aux, etc.

Features on my 20-pin harness:

  • EIA-standard color-coding (same as other after-market harnesses and HUs)
  • Printed labels (for example, "LEFT FRONT POSITIVE")
  • Pre-stripped ends ready for you to crimp or solder to the harness that comes with your new radio
  • All harnesses include these 16 wires:
    • Four speakers (8 wires)
    • Ground
    • +12 Volt Accessory (key-switched)
    • +12 Volt Memory/Battery (always-on)
    • Power antenna control (remote turn-on for antenna booster amplifier or motorized antenna)
    • Illumination ("Illumination +") used for dimming on many aftermarket HUs
    • Audio Steering Wheel Controls (3 wires)

Ask me about adding these additional wires (for special cases):

  • CAN data bus (2 wires)
  • Illumination () for custom lighting projects (Note: aftermarket HUs do NOT need this use the "Illumination +" wire that I include standard)
  • VSS (Vehicle Speed Signal) only present on the factory harness on 20122014 Impreza (not WRX or STi) and Crosstrek, 20142015 Forester, 2015 WRX/STi models, and some Nissan models.  Older Impreza, WRX, STi, and Forester models do NOT have this.  Only some aftermarket navigation HUs need this signal.

See my Subaru 20-pin pin-out table for more information about the factory wires.

Installation Guide


$12 (with 3 SWC wires)

Click here to see ordering instructions

Also available: Axxess ASWC steering wheel interface module.
See this page for more info.