Axxess ASWC-1
Steering Wheel Interface Module

Fits: most cars with factory steering wheel controls

Allows you to retain use of your SWCs

Picture of ASWC-1 steering wheel interface module


  • Retain use of your car's audio Steering Wheel Controls (SWCs) with an after-market head unit (HU).

Why Do I Need this?

Most after-market HUs today have a rear port or wire(s) to connect to a car's SWCs.  However, nearly all name-brand HU models (Alpine, Clarion, Kenwood, Pioneer, etc.) can not be connected directly — you must add a steering wheel interface module.  The exceptions are a few Eclipse models (e.g., AVN726E, AVN4430, CD5030) and many "no-name" Chinese HUs.

How It Works

The ASWC-1 includes a wire harness that you'll connect to +12V, ground, and the SWC wires from your car (ideally via one of my harnesses).  The module also connects to the "Wired Remote" input on your after-market HU.  The ASWC-1 "translates" the signals from your car's SWC buttons to the signals that your new HU needs to see.  You'll program each SWC button to send the desired command to your HU.

Advantages of ASWC-1 over PAC Audio models

  • Universal: Single ASWC-1 model works with most cars and HU brands (so you can change to a new HU and/or move it into another car without needing a different module)
  • Easy to install: In most cases, the ASWC-1 programs itself on the first power up (you can also manually program it if you want to change any buttons)
  • No lag when you press the wheel's buttons (although people have reported that recent PAC modules have improved)
  • No resistors: In cars with more than 2 SWC wires, all of the wires will connect directly to separate inputs on the ASWC-1 (the PAC SWI-* units require you to add resistors to combine multiple wires onto the PAC's single input wire)
  • Slightly smaller
  • Updateable: ASWC-1's firmware can be easily updated, via a standard micro USB cable (not included) and free software (available from Metra, for Windows PCs and Android phones).  Metra continually adds new features and support for new HUs and cars.

Will the ASWC-1 retain all of my SWC buttons?

The ASWC-1 will "see" all of your steering wheel buttons (6 on older Subarus, 8 on newer models with the extra phone/Bluetooth buttons).  As far as the module is concerned, they're all just buttons.  It doesn't care what the label says on each button.  You program the module to determine what remote control command each button sends to your HU.  Each button can do any command that the HU supports.  That last part is key: Many HUs don't have remote control commands that correspond to all of your wheel's phone buttons (even HUs that have built-in BT).  It's a limitation of the HU itself.

You can program the ASWC-1 to assign any leftover buttons to do additional audio functions (e.g., Mute, Band, Seek Up, etc.), so none of your wheel's buttons need be "dead." The ASWC-1's automatic programming may assign audio functions to some or all of your phone/BT SWCs.  If you want, you can go back and manually reprogram a button to do something different.

Why You Should Order an ASWC-1 From Me

All of the modules I sell are new, fresh from Metra.  Unlike other vendors, I update each ASWC-1 module with the latest firmware just before I ship.  Plus, if you ever need newer firmware down the road (for a new radio or car), I'll reflash it for free — just cover the shipping both ways.



Additional Adapter for Parrot Asteroid Smart

To connect an ASWC to the Parrot Asteroid Smart HU, you will also need the Metra AX-SWC-PARROT interface cable.  I have those available for $7.


If you have the original ASWC (not ASWC-1) with older firmware, I also have Metra's special USB-CAB programming cables available.  Price $15 (plus shipping).

Sorry, I do not currently have micro USB cables for the new ASWC-1 (but you may find you already have one, for a digital camera, cell phone, or some other USB device).

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