Inquiries / Orders

If I e-mailed you this link, that means I received your inquiry or order.

Yes, I am still selling the various harnesses.

I've been receiving a huge number of questions and orders.  Many people send questions that take more than a few minutes to answer.  Please be patient — I'm replying as quickly as possible, and will try to get caught as soon as possible.

In the mean time, please review this information:

Parts Needed For Most Common Installations:

I've recently updated and expanded my 'Parts Needed' guides to cover more models/years and answer many frequently asked questions.  Please see this page and find the guide applicable to your car.

For all inquiries and orders — if you have not told me the following information, please do:

  • Car "Model Year" (this is the year Subaru considers your car to be, not necessarily the year built).  For all Subarus made since 1981, see the 10th digit of your VIN.  Use this guide to convert to model year:

  • Car model

  • The model number of the head unit (radio) that Subaru originally fitted in your car.  Please look for the model number printed on the FRONT.  The FRONT is the side with the buttons, knobs, and display (what you see when you're sitting in the car).  The majority of models do have one, usually near one of the corners, or at the top or bottom of the display.  Only some navigation, McIntosh, and very old models lack this.

    If you want to "transplant" a different OEM HU into your car, give me that model number also (in addition to the factory-fitted model).

That information enables me to verify I'll be providing the appropriate harnesses/adapters to suit your car.  I can't tell by just your model and year, I can't decode your VIN, and I'm not familiar with details about Subaru's multitude of  "option packages."

Contact me via e-mail, not private message on forums.  If you do contact me via PM and want me to reply, you must include your e-mail address.

If you want a shipping quote

You'll need to tell me where I would be shipping to!  You wouldn't believe how many people think I'm clairvoyant and expect me to guess where in the world they are.

Please tell me your ZIP code (if in the USA) or your country (if outside the USA).  To quote FedEx rates, I need a complete address.

See this page for shipping options (with approximate rates), payment options, and ordering instructions:

Incidentally, I have many additional harnesses and adapters that are not yet listed on my "Products" page.

If you have already sent me all of that information, you do not need to resend.

Also, please do not copy and paste large chunks of this, the "Parts Needed" pages, or my "Order Form" page into your e-mail.  Shorter is better.