Pioneer AVIC
Parking Brake Bypass Wire

Many recent Pioneer AVIC X and Z navigation models have a vacant slot on their RCA harness that is a "secret" parking brake bypass input.  Grounding that pin prevents the HU from locking out some functions while driving (and averts you needing to find and tap into your car's actual parking brake signal).  The method to do this widely documented on the Internet is to "steal" the AVIC's (usually) unneeded mute pin/wire, and "transplant" that into the bypass slot.

If you'll be installing one of these models and plan to do the parking brake bypass mod, I have a wire with the proper pin that you can easily snap into the vacant slot on the AVIC's RCA harness.  That will save you from needing to extract the Pioneer's mute pin/wire (which some people find difficult to do).

Warning:  In some locations it is illegal for the vehicle's driver to be able to view video.  You should determine what laws are applicable where you will be driving.  This mod should only be used for passengers, testing, or applications where there is no parking brake (e.g., campers, boats, etc.).

I've read that AVIC models sold outside of the USA and Canada do not need the bypass wire — you can simply ground the head unit's parking brake lead.

My bypass wire only fits these particular AVIC navigation models:


Price for my AVIC bypass wire is $2.00 for one.  It's worth $2 to not have to deal with trying to extract the AVIC's mute wire.

For installers and group buys, I'll supply a pack of 10 for $15.00.

My AVIC bypass wire does not fit any of the new AVIC NEX models, nor any of the old models (AVIC-D3, -Z2, -FxxxBT, -UxxxBT, etc.).

I do not have bypass devices for any other HU models (including Pioneer models starting with AVH–...).  For those, search on eBay or Amazon.  Be sure that you choose a device that is advertised to work with your specific HU model.  The smaller, solid-state type devices are much better than a huge 30 Amp automotive relay.

Incidentally, on most Kenwoods and some recent JVCs, you can simply connect the HU's parking brake lead to chassis ground (even on North American models).

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