10- & 6-pin Combined "Breakout" Harness
for Subaru and Toyota cars

20152017 Subaru Impreza & Crosstrek
2016-2017 WRX/STi & Forester
20152017 Legacy/Outback
20132017 BRZ
+ all 20122017 Subaru models with OEM Fujitsu Ten Nav
also most 19872017 Toyota models

Allows you to install after-market equipment in your car
without cutting or splicing any factory wires!

combined forward reverse 10- and 6-pin harness
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  • Add an after-market speaker amplifier and/or subwoofer to your factory head unit

  • Install a Line Output Converter, audio processor (LC6i, re-Q, 3sixty.2, CleanSweep, MS-8, bit one), etc.

  • Install a car phone kit, gauges, or any other accessory that you need to connect between the car's factory harness and OEM radio

  • Do all of these without cutting your factory wires

Use this harness when you are keeping the factory radio in your Subaru or Toyota and want to add something in between the radio and the car.  This combined harness will save you time and effort.  All 16 pins are already connected straight through.  All four speaker channels (8 wires) are longer, ready for you to cut or tap in the middles and connect to your speaker amplifier, Line Output Converter (LOC), audio processor, or other aftermarket gear.

The ground and two +12V power wires already have "T" branches connected.  You can use the Red +12V Accessory line for an amplifier remote turn-on on cars whose factory radios don't have that signal.

Wires have the EIA-standard color-coding used by after-market car audio equipment, with printed labels (for example, "LEFT FRONT POSITIVE").

Wires include:

  • Four speakers (8 wires)
  • Ground with "T" branch
  • +12 Volt Accessory (key-switched) with "T" branch
  • +12 Volt Memory/Battery (always-on) with "T" branch
  • Power antenna control (remote turn-on for motorized antenna or antenna booster amplifier)
  • Illumination ("Illumination +")
  • Dimmer ("Illumination -")
  • Amplifier remote turn-on (this lead no longer has a "T" branch)

Fits all Subaru and Toyota models that can use Metra 70-1761 and 71-1761, Scosche TA02B and TA02RB, American International TWH-950 and TWH-951, Aerpro APP0141, etc.

CAUTION about harman/kardon:  In the newest Subaru models with the OEM harman/kardon amplifier and speaker system, the OEM head units only have two outputs (left + right), at a fixed volume, unlike previous years.  It is much more difficult to add an aftermarket amp or sub to cars with the newer h/k system.  This applies to models with the new STARLINK style HUs (with the large gloss black fascia).  If your Subaru has the h/k system, be sure to tell me before you order.

For recent Subaru and Nissan models and others that use 20-pin radio harnesses, see this 20-pin combined harness

For older Subaru models and some models with OEM Kenwood or TomTom navigation, ask me about my 14-pin combined harness

Price: $30

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