Subaru Legacy / Liberty / Outback
i85 Transplant Aux Harness

Fits North American 4th Generation models
(20052009, codes BL & BP)


  • Connect an aux audio source to a 20072009 factory Head Unit (HU) that you've transplanted into a 20052006 model.

  • In 20072009 cars, bypass the factory 3.5mm aux jack to connect something directly to the rear of the HU (e.g., an RCA cable from the audio portion of a DVD player or game console whose video is connected to the OEM navigation screen).

If you haven't already, read this page which discusses transplanting a different HU into a 4th Gen Legacy/Outback.

The harnesses shown here will work with North American models (USA and Canada).  I can build similar adapters to work with other models (Australian, European, Japanese).  Please tell me your head unit model numbers (both the HU that Subaru originally fitted and the newer/alternate HU you are planning to transplant) so I can check what you need.  If I haven't seen your HU models before, I may also ask you to send pictures.

Note: These harnesses will not add an aux input to an OEM HU without that capability (in other words, the new HU must have a button labeled "AUX").

i85 Aux Input Options

The basic idea is the same on all of these harnesses:  Insert my harness between your car's factory i85 harness plug and the i85 socket on the back of the HU, pass through the signals from your car that are required by the new HU, and add an audio connection from your aux source into the HU.

All harnesses now include 2 SWC wires.  Prices are subject to change at any time.

i85 Transplant Adapter for OEM Aux Jack

You'll want this option if you're installing the OEM aux jack (along with the newer OEM armrest console bin).  Picture:

2009 Legacy/Outback center console bin with aux jack
(click thumbnail to see larger image)

My i85 adapter consists of an OEM Impreza aux harness, modified to work with the OEM Legacy/Outback aux jack, and integrated with my i85 adapter harness.  Picture:

i85 transplant harness for OEM aux jack
(click thumbnail to see larger image)

The leg protected by the flexible tubing is about 5 feet long more than enough to reach from the HU to the aux jack.  The black lead with the "fork" terminal is part of the HU's aux enable circuit, and must be connected to chassis ground (e.g., via a screw on the rear or side of the HU).

This harness does not include the OEM aux jack.  See my Legacy/Outback HU Transplant page for the two additional OEM parts you'll need to obtain yourself.



Panel-mount Aux Jack Kit

IS335 Aux Cable Kit with Panel Mount 3.5mm jack
(click thumbnail to see larger image)

Combine this with an i85 adapter with female RCA jacks or female 3.5mm jack (see next two items).  This kit consists of the following three cables:

  • Panel-mount female 3.5mm jack to male 3.5mm plug.  Length 70" (178 cm).
  • Male 3.5mm plug to male 3.5mm plug.  Length 46" (117 cm).
  • Male left/right RCA plugs to female 3.5mm jack.  Length 6" (15 cm).

All of the 3.5mm connectors are 3-pole type (for stereo audio).  Bodies on male 3.5mm plugs are 5.5mm diameter.



i85 Transplant Adapter with Female RCA Jacks

This option provides a set of left/right female RCA jacks behind the OEM HU.  RCA cable length is about 6" (15 cm).  Picture:

i85 transplant harness with RCA jacks
(click thumbnail to see larger image)



Add the panel-mount kit (previous item), or one of these patch cables to connect to your audio device: Premium 3.5mm to RCA Audio Cables (you'll need to order any of those yourself from

i85 Transplant Adapter with Female 3.5mm Jack

This option provides a female 3.5mm stereo jack.  Cable length can be either 6" (15 cm) or 60" (152 cm).  Picture:

i85 transplant harness with 3.5mm jack i85 transplant harness with 3.5mm jack
(click thumbnail to see larger image)

This version may take me slightly longer to build, since the 3.5mm jack cables are sometimes in limited supply and require soldering.


With 6" (15 cm) cable $38.00

With 60" (152 cm) cable

Add the panel-mount kit (above), or a 3.5mm patch cable to connect to your audio device.
Example: Premium 3.5mm to 3.5mm Audio Cables (you'll need to order any of those yourself).

i85 Transplant Adapter with Male 3.5mm Plug

I'm currently not offering any i85 adapters with 3.5mm male plugs.

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