Reverse Radio Wiring Harness
 for the Subaru WRX radio

Also fits all other 1995-2007 Subaru radios
(Impreza, Forester, Legacy, Outback, Baja, Tribeca)
Also fits some 1993-1994 and some 2008-up radios (e-mail for details)



  • Install a subwoofer, Line Output Converter, or gauges in the WRX or other late-model Subarus without cutting or splicing your factory wires (connect one reverse and one 'forward' harness together, and tap off from any desired lines).

  • Restore a  WRX's factory radio plug that has been damaged or removed.

  • Install a WRX factory radio in another vehicle.

  • Does NOT fit the SVX radio (see this SVX reverse harness).

While other after-market harness manufacturers make a reverse harness for Subarus (Scosche, part number SU03R, and Metra, part number 71-8901), their harnesses sometimes lack the orange/white dimmer wire.  Subaru factory radios require this wire for the illumination to work.

I custom-make these WRX reverse harnesses and guarantee they will have all 14 wires.  The wires have the same EIA-standard color-coding as other after-market harnesses, with text labels (for example, "Left Front Speaker +") and pre-stripped ends ready for you to crimp or solder.  The 14 wires are:

  • Four speakers (8 wires)
  • Ground
  • +12 Volt Accessory (switched)
  • +12 Volt Memory (always-on)
  • Power antenna control (remote turn-on for motorized antenna or factory antenna booster amplifier)
  • Illumination ("Illumination +")
  • Dimmer ("Illumination -")

Price: $14 each, plus shipping

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Keeping your factory radio but adding an amp, subwoofer, or sound processor?
I also produce WRX "forward" harnesses, also guaranteed to have all 14 wires.
Order at the same time to save on shipping.

Ask about my new combined forward/reverse 14-pin harness.

Wiring Pin-out tables for Impreza/WRX, Forester, Legacy/Outback/Baja

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