Subaru Impreza WRX
Receiver Wiring Harness

Version 2.7

By David Carter

2.5  Receiver Wiring 

2.5.1  WRX Radio Connector Pin-out

The table below was compiled from all of the Subaru radio wiring diagrams from 1993-2008. Model years 2008-2010 with Navigation also use the same connector and pin-out shown here.

2008-2010 non-Navigation radios have changed to a new 20-pin connector. See this pin-out.

All Subarus from 1993 and up (except for the SVX, and 1993 and 1994 Legacies in North America) have used this same 14-pin connector and the same pin-out.  A few of the wire colors in the cars have changed over the years, but the functions of the pins have remained the same.  The table below shows the wire colors for just the Impreza / WRX and Outback Sport.  (Here are similar tables for Forester and Legacy/Outback)

Pin numbers on the connector:

radio connector pin numbers


Table 2.5.1
Subaru Impreza WRX Radio Connector
(Speaker / Power Wiring)
Pin Assignments



Column "A"
WRX Factory Radio Connector
Wire Color

wires go to WRX's Speakers, etc.

Column "B"
Subaru After-Market Harness
Wire Color
(EIA Standard)

    1993-1997 1998-2001 2002-2007  
1 Illumination+ Green White / Yellow Violet Orange
2 Right Front Speaker + Red / Yellow Gray
3 Left Front Speaker + Brown / White White
  (gap for connector lock)
4 Right Rear Speaker + Blue / Green Blue / Yellow Violet
5 Left Rear Speaker + White / Red Green
6 +12 Volt Memory Blue / Orange Blue / Red Yellow
7 Dimmer (Illum.-) Yellow / Blue Orange / White Orange / White
8 Right Front Speaker - White / Black Gray / Black
9 Left Front Speaker - Green / Black Green White / Black
  (small gap)
10 +12 Volt Accessory Yellow / Red Yellow / Green Red
11 Ground Black Black
  (small gap)
12 Right Rear Speaker - Red Red / White Violet / Black
13 Left Rear Speaker - Red / Green Red / Black Green / Black
14 Power Antenna + 1995-1996: White / Black (to motorized ant.)

1997-2003: NC

2004-2007: White (to Antenna Booster Amplifier)




Pin numbers on shellThe pin numbers may be stamped on the sides of the connectors, on the hinged flaps at the rear that lock in the wires.  The numbers are very hard to read until you hold the connector at just the right angle in the light.


When two colors are listed, the first is the main color and the second is the stripe color (main/stripe).


"NC" means there is no metal contact at that position in the connector shell (and thus no wire).


Column "A" lists the wires on the Radio Connector in the Impreza / WRX and Outback Sport.  This is the plug whose wires disappear behind the dash and go to the speakers, etc.

e. Column "B" lists the wires on the WRX Reverse and Forward Harness.  These are the EIA standard wire colors, used by after-market receiver and wiring harness manufacturers.  Use this column to verify that the harness was assembled correctly.

When installing a WRX radio in an SVX:  Crimp or solder the wires in column B to the same colors on an SVX wiring adaptor.

In the Impreza / WRX:  If restoring a damaged or missing radio connector, crimp or solder a reverse harness' wires in column B to the corresponding wires in column A.  If installing a subwoofer or Line Output Converter (LOC), crimp or solder a WRX reverse harness to the same colors on a WRX 'forward' harness (wires in column B for both).

f. If you're working with the Impreza / WRX wires (column A), note that there are complimentary pairs (e.g., a White/Red and a Red/White).  Don't get these mixed up!  The stripe color is thinner than the main color.  It helps to work in bright light.

There are two pins related to dash illumination -- 1 and 7.

Pin 1 ("Illumination +") is +12 volts when the parking or headlights are on; open-circuit otherwise.

Pin 7 ("Dimmer") changes voltage as you adjust the dimmer knob. It goes from close to 12 volts (with knob at the dimmest setting) down to 0 volts (with knob at brightest setting). This pin is also called "Illumination (minus)".

The radio's illumination lights (like the Subaru's instrument panel lights) are connected between these two lines. So the bulbs effectively "see" a range of 0 volts (dimmest) to 12 volts (brightest).

h. For the WRX radio's illumination to work correctly in an SVX, connect pin 1 to the SVX harness' Illumination wire (pin 4), and connect WRX pin 7 to the SVX's Dimmer wire (pin 13).
Link to custom Impreza/WRX reverse and 'forward' harnesses for sale

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