Subaru Subwoofer Reverse Wiring Harness



  • Install the Subaru under-seat subwoofer in another car

  • Repair a damaged Subaru subwoofer T-harness

  • Build your own T-harness for a Subaru subwoofer (you'll also need the appropriate 'forward' wiring adapter to connect to your car and a reverse harness to connect to your radio)

This harness has the connector that plugs into a Subaru factory subwoofer. Wires are approximately 5.75" long. Not available anywhere else (other than as part of the factory T-harness for the subwoofer -- price more than $80 from dealers).

The wires have the same EIA-standard color-coding as other after-market harnesses, with text labels (for example, "Left Rear Speaker +") and pre-stripped ends ready for you to crimp or solder.  There are 6 wires:

  • Left and right rear speakers (4 wires)
  • Ground
  • +12 Volt Memory (constant)

Price $12 each plus shipping.

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