Reverse Radio Wiring Harness
 for the Subaru SVX radio

 SVX Wiring Adapter
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  • Restore an  SVX's factory radio plug that has been damaged or removed.

  • Install an SVX factory radio in another vehicle.

This is the 20-position plug that connects to the SVX factory AM/FM/Cassette unit.  There are 15 wires, with the same EIA-standard color-coding as other after-market harnesses.  The wires also have text labels (for example, "Left Front Speaker +") and pre-stripped ends ready for you to crimp or solder.  The 15 wires are:

  • Four speakers (8 wires)
  • Ground
  • +12 Volt Accessory (switched)
  • +12 Volt Memory (always-on)
  • Power antenna control (remote turn-on for motorized antenna or antenna amplifier)
  • Illumination ("Illumination +")
  • Dimmer ("Illumination -")
  • "Dimmer 2" (Night Illumination Dimness Cancellation)

Note: The SVX also has a separate 2-pin plug that connects to the factory CD player for illumination (see this picture).  I am still looking for the correct shell for this 2-pin plug.  However, I can include two extra wires with contact pins for an additional $1 when ordered at the same time as the SVX reverse harness.  If you want this, please ask when you place your order.

Price: $16 each, plus shipping

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