Radio Wiring Adapter (Harness)
for the Subaru SVX

Allows you to install a new, after-market radio in your SVX
without cutting any wires!

SVX Wiring Adapter
Radio Wiring Adapter
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Fits ALL model years of the Subaru SVX (1992-1997)

Are you planning to replace your SVX's factory radio with a new, after-market one?

This wiring adapter will make your installation MUCH easier.  Simply solder or crimp the wires to your new receiver's wires, and plug in to the radio connector in your SVX.

If you've looked into replacing the SVX radio, you may have discovered that nobody makes a wiring harness that fits the SVX.  Even worse, at least one of the harness manufacturers listed a part for the SVX in their catalog that does not fit!  Up until now, the only solution was to "hard-wire" a new receiver into the SVX either cutting off the factory plug or splicing into the factory wiring.

After considerable research, I have put together a solution that does fit.  My adapter is better quality than what the harness manufacturers would have made had the SVX been produced in larger numbers.


  • Fits all SVX model years (1992-1997)
  • Fits SVX in most markets (including US, Canada, Australia, Japan), except Europe
    (for European SVXs, ask about my 7+9 pin harness)
  • Uses EIA-standard color-coded wires (same as most aftermarket car audio gear)
  • Wires have text labels (for example, "Left Front Speaker +")
  • Ends of wires are pre-stripped, ready for you to crimp or solder to harness that comes with your new radio.
  • Not available anywhere else!

Harness has 14 wires:

  • Four speakers (8 wires)
  • Ground
  • +12 Volt Accessory (switched)
  • +12 Volt Memory (always-on)
  • Motorized-antenna control
  • Illumination ("Illumination +")
  • Dimmer ("Illumination ")
  • Optionally, I can add the "Night Illumination Dimness Cancellation" wire for an additional $3. E-mail me to request.

Price: $14.99 each, plus shipping

Detailed installation instructions are provided online (see the link below).

Note: Most new head units require an antenna extension cable to reach the SVX's antenna plug. I have 18" extensions available for $4.00 when purchased with a harness.

Are you installing a head unit from a newer model Subaru in your SVX to keep that "stock" look? Many radios from ~1995-2007 Impreza, Forester, Legacy, and Outback will fit the SVX, but use Subaru's 14-pin radio harness.  For those you'll want this 14-pin reverse harness.  Order at the same time to save on shipping.

Ask about my combined SVX to 14-pin reverse harness:

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Please note:  Because stereo installers have been cutting the factory radio connectors out of SVXs, if you are not the original owner you should check to be sure your SVX's radio connector is still intact (especially if your SVX already has an after-market radio, or has a stock radio that doesn't work).  See this guide which details how to remove your radio...

For more information and testimonials from satisfied customers, see this post on the forums.