Subaru SVX
Receiver and Speaker Installation

Version 3.07

By David Carter

This document provides a detailed description on removing and replacing the radio and speakers from the Subaru SVX car.  It includes complete information about the SVX's radio mounting bracket, electrical wiring harnesses, fuses, and more.

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Table of Contents

1 Introduction

1.1 Disclaimer
1.2 Acknowledgements
1.3 About the Thumbnail Pictures
1.4 Too Many "Harnesses"

2 Radio Removal / Replacement

2.1  Why Is This So Hard?
2.2  Tools / Parts Required

2.2.1  Tools Required
2.2.2  Parts Required
2.3  Radio Removal
2.3.1  Preliminary Steps
2.3.2  Disconnect the Antenna Cables
2.3.3  Remove the Radio Cage From the Dash
2.3.4  Check the Receiver Wiring Adaptor
2.3.5  Remove the Radio From the Cage
2.4  Filling the Cage 
2.4.1  What Will Fit In the Cage?
2.4.2  Mounting Your New Receiver
2.4.3  Adding a Pocket
2.4.4  Other Possibilities
2.5  Receiver Wiring
2.5.1  SVX Radio Connector Pin-out
2.5.2  Illumination and Dimmer Wires
2.5.3  SVX Radio Fuses
2.5.4  Wire the Receiver-to-SVX Adaptor
2.5.5  Antenna Connection
2.5.6  Wired Remote Controls
2.5.7  Test the Connections
2.6  Reinstalling the Cage
2.6.1  Tools Required
2.6.2  Preliminary Steps
2.6.3  Position the Wires
2.6.4  Replace the Cage
2.7  Done!

3 Speaker Removal / Replacement

3.1 Intro
3.2 Door Speaker Removal / Replacement
3.3 Rear Deck Speaker Removal / Replacement
3.4 Front Dash Tweeter Removal / Replacement

4 Final Notes

4.1  Useful Links
4.1.1  Information
4.1.2  Subaru SVX Sites
4.1.3  Retailer Sites
4.2  How to Contact the Author
4.3  Revision History

1 Introduction

Several frequently recurring questions on the various Subaru SVX web sites include:

To find the answers, people have had to search through old postings or rely on "old-timers" to repost the information.  This document attempts to gather the answers to these questions all in one place on the web.  A significant addition is the availability of a proper radio wiring adaptor (or harness) for the SVX!

The address of this page is  The latest version of this document can be found there.

1.1 Disclaimer

The information here is believed to be accurate.  But you should double-check your work (especially the electrical connections).  If you toast your radio or burn up your car, it's not my fault!

1.2 Acknowledgements

A substantial amount of information for section 2 (Radio Removal/Replacement) came from an earlier work by Gavin Haslett -- an HTML version titled "The SVX Sound Install Experience" -- as well as an updated MS-Word version by Randy Kumpf.  There are links to both of these in section 4.1, below.  Gavin installed a Sony CD receiver in his 1995 SVX, and Randy installed a Blaupunkt receiver plus an in-dash 5-CD changer in his 1992.  I used their documents to install a JVC CD/MP3 receiver in my 1996.  Let me send my thanks to Gavin for his effort that started this all, and to Randy for his many helpful additions (including pictures).  A general "thanks" goes out to all of the members of the forums for numerous posts that have provided useful gems of wisdom that I've also included here.  Besides going back to an HTML format for easier access, I removed some inaccurate and unnecessary information, and added several new tidbits, new pictures, and links to other diagrams and documents.

1.3 About the Thumbnail Pictures

The pictures throughout this document are tiny "thumbnails" (so the page will load faster).  Click on each one to open a larger version.  If the larger picture opens up in the same window in place of this document (not in a new window), you'll need to use your browser's "back" button to return to this document (then try using your browser's "open in new window" function, typically started by right-clicking on a picture or link).

1.4 Too Many "Harnesses"

The term "harness" can be used to describe five different things mentioned in this document.  To keep them all straight, I'll use the following terminology:

Receiver Wiring Harness

Receiver's Wiring Harness -- Comes with your new receiver (car stereo).  One end plugs into the back of your receiver and the other end has wires (possibly with pre-stripped ends) to connect to the speakers, power, power antenna control, and maybe even instrument illumination and amplifier power on/off control.

Receiver Wiring Adaptor

Receiver Wiring Adaptor -- You want one of these to install a new receiver in your SVX.  One end has pre-stripped wires (to be connected to the Receiver's Wiring Harness), and the other end plugs into the SVX's Radio Connector so you don't have to cut it off or splice into the wiresSee this link to learn how to get one.  Some of the after-market manufacturers refer to this adaptor as a "car stereo wiring harness" or even a "factory wiring harness."

SVX Radio Connector

SVX Radio Connector -- Technically, this is the real "factory wiring harness."  The plug connects to the back of the factory radio.  The wires disappear into the dash and go to the four speakers, the power antenna, and several power connections.  If a previous owner or stereo installer replaced your SVX's radio at some point, they may have cut off this connector (even if they reinstalled the factory radio).  Unless you are the only owner, you'll need to remove the radio and look to know for sure.


Speaker Wiring Adaptor -- You may want a pair of these for each pair of new speakers you install.  One end has connectors that plug onto your new speaker, and the other end plugs into one of the SVX's speaker connectors.  As with the Receiver Wiring Adaptor, this allows you to connect your after-market speakers to the SVX's wiring without cutting or splicing into the factory wiring.


SVX Speaker Connector -- The SVX has six of these (two for the rear deck speakers, two in the doors, and two in the dash for the tweeters).  Each plug connects to one of the factory speakers.  The wires disappear into the car and go back to the SVX Radio Connector.

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